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Nature�s Fluorocarbon

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A couple weeks ago, I started phase 2 of a honey do project in the yard when . . . along came a spider.

Actually, I came upon the spider. At first glance I paused and thought, Goodness gracious!!! What a sight! God's work in nature at its best.

I spied and eyed a spider that appeared to be floating in the air, defying gravity. Naturally, you and I know it was suspended on its web, but that was the coolest thing. It was very difficult too see the web, and hence I thought, this must be, nature's fluorocarbon. Its web was practically invisible.


Spider appears suspended in the air.

It took shots from these two angles in the pictures to see the web.



Anyway, I thought it was interesting to see the tactic of near invisibility used in nature to trap the unwary, much as those who use fluorocarbon for certain fishing applications. Nature seems to be light years ahead of us, but we're catching on.

Gotta love the spider, and although I can't spin a web like it, at least I have Sea Guar Invizx Fluorocarbon (6#) to give me what I hope is a fighting chance in using near invisibility when I fish.


The Gist (Moral): Nature uses it. Perhaps it would behoove us to follow suit in the art of deception through (near) invisibility.

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