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Loop Knot

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I really like using a loop knot such as a Rapala Knot to tie on some types of baits as I think I get more action with the loop.  I am wondering about knot strength with the various types of line, Mono, FC, etc using loop knots.  Anyone have any thoughts on the Rapala Knot or loop knots in general.  I guess I always have the option of using a snap or some type of ring.  Thanks.

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Tell ya what, if you try tying direct to eye using a trilene knot, snug it real tight, and move the knot to the lower part of the eye, you will get an exaggerated action can really knock their socks off some day. Cinching up the knot straight ahead gives you a modified action and if you put it on top of the eye, the action changes once again. This way you can actually change your presentation according to what the fish wants, vs. what you can give them. If I'm trolling the river with the current (for walleye & sm) I always tie below the eye. Going up stream (not very desireable most days) I tie straight or on top. Been doing this for many, many years with a great deal of success. Using just a loop or snap you get only one action, period.

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