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Daiwa Light & Tough Recommendation?

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I've fished for a few years with spinning tackle, and just started bass fishing this year. In April I picked up a Daiwa L&T topwater rod and really like it, particularly the comfort of the grip (arthritis setting in). I'd like to get another L&T to fish weighted plastics, tubes and crankbaits in the 3/8-1 oz. range and usually use 10-14 lb. line. Most of my fishing is from the bank of a shallow lake, fishing water 3-9' deep.

I'm looking at one of two rods. The L&T 661-4RB is a 6'6" rod rated MH, 10-17 lb. line and 1/8-1 oz. lure. The other rod, the 701-3FB, is 7' rated M, 8-14 lb. line and, too, 1/8-1 oz.

I'm not trying to split hairs here, but I do have a lot to learn and being new to the forum I'm soaking up info like a sponge. So if anyone has any experience with these rods, or opinions, I'd appreciate your recommendations and comments.

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I have one of those 7' medium L&T rods. In my opinion, they are the best bang for the buck out there, at regular prices. I don't have the 6'6" MH, so I cant comment on it. I do have a 6'3" MH that I like as much as the 7 footer. These rod are light, sensitive, and very durable. I like the goofy shaped handle. If you have very small hands, the handle will probably be too large for comfort. The reel seats are a good as you can find on any rod. I like them a lot better than the Fuji seats almost everybody else uses. Great rods for the price.

If you can find a St Croix Avid series while they're on sale, one of those would be a little better. People have found them at either Dick's or Gander Mountain, but not all stores have the Avids. The Dick's stores and GM stores that I've been to have not had any Avids. I got one for $110 at BPS in St Charles, Mo. But they are not on the website at that price. Reed's now may be your best bet for a Avid. They are 40% off and free shipping. But you better jump on this deal quick. Once all the old series Avids are gone, the prices go back up for the new series.

I bought the Avid 6'8" MXF casting rod, and it's a great rod for senko's, or for any plastics.

You mentioned plastics, tubes and crankbaits. That presents a small problem. Out of the two rods you mentioned, the 7' M L&T would be a better choice, once you put crankbaits in the mix. That is my most versatile rod. It's sensitive enough and has the backbone for plastics, but is soft enough in the tip to be OK for cranks.

Hope this helps



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