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Big thanks and WOW to reelmech....

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So, a while back I got that dreaded question from my parents...what do I want for christmas... so I began looking around and ended up on reelmech's rod site, and from there I proceeded to browse his on the rack, already built, custom rods. As I am looking down the list I spot something that peeks my interest: a 7' medium shikarii drop shot rod, and at an awesome price. I told my mom about it and a while later she ordered it. Much to my enlightenment, it came in the mail yesterday while I was home for break from college, and my mom being awesome like she is decided I could have it early because I was fishin today and it would be the last time for me till Im out for xmas break. Needless to say I took it out today and it is AMAZING. I know I like to praise my Loomis SMR882S here sometimes, but the Loomis just took the backseat. I spent all day fishin this rod with a bear hair jig and uncle josh eel on the rocky points and caught some dinks and had fun with it, but the real fun came when I got an incredible THUMP at the end of my line and I hauled back on it and the fish took off.... long story short, after at least 5 minutes probably more, about a 10 lb. drum came to the side of the boat, dad had a ball laughing at me becuase this was the first fish of the day, and the first fish with the new rod. So on top of saying thank you to reelmech for an amazing rod, I would also like to apologize to him for not breaking the rod in proper, with a nice bass....stupid drum....

If anyone is looking for a custom rod, I wouldnt hesitate to contact reelmech, his work is top notch, and purty as all get out too...

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Wow! I didn't even know it was headed your way. There are only 2 of those rods that I built, you have one catching BIG drum, and other is in Oklahoma catching big Okie LMB's, and Spots.

Thanks for the kind words, and enjoy the rod...

Tight Lines!!!!  

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