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David P

Sunline shooter guys

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I'm thinking about trying it in the 7lb test for my spinning set up. I'm fishing 1/8oz and up to 3/16oz on this setup and really want little memory and strong enough to pull in some big fish.

Is it worth it? How is the memory on a spinning set up in 7 or 8lb line?

Thank you.

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If little memory and strength is what you're looking for try Sunline Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon. It's one of the more manageable fluorocarbons. Sunline Shooter is more abrasion resistant but has more memory. It would be better suited for baitcasters and heavier cover. The 8lb test Super FC Sniper would work great. It has a diameter of most 4lb-6lb lines. It's a favorite of a lot of people for spinning reels. Makes a great drop shot line. Just make sure that when you spool it on to lay the spool flat. After every 5-10 turns lower your rod tip down to the spool to see if any twist has developed. If so flip the spool over. If not leave the spool alone. Continue this until you're finished.  :D

On a side note this line may not be as limp as other lines, but the trade off is increased sensitivity, a line that sinks, and better abrasion resistance. Recently I started using Kevin Van Dam's Line and Lure Condition. I was very skeptical at first but it seems to make the line more manageable. Great for fluorocarbons and copolymers that have memory. The best way to apply it is to liberally spray a small cloth with it and then let your line pass through the cloth when you first spool it on. Then the day before going fishing spray the spool a few times.

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