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Calcutta Ultra Braid?

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where did you get that deal from????

I use it on my calcutta te 401 and cardiff 301 as backing and have put topshot of pline on top of it so i can have more line capacity. I use them for both fresh water and salt. I have never had any problems w/ this line. I use the hi-vis yellow. I was actually looking for more for my other reels. On my calcutta I was actually rock fishing here off long beach in more then 200ft of water w/ no break offs.

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I got it from D&D Sport and Marine, which is a soon to be extinct bait and tackle shop that I live near.

Everything is half off, but most of the good stuff is long gone. I was kind of surprised to find this last spool of Calcutta braid. I've heard that it is either made of the same stuff that Power Pro is made from, or that it is actually made by the same people for Calcutta. I'm not sure if that is true or not, but it has a similar look and feel to it. I've never used braid before though, so I wasn't sure if anyone liked it or not. Of course, for $7 a spool, I'll give it a try. Its not like the stuff goes bad just sitting there. ;)

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