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Just got a Bait Caster and need some help

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I just bought a daiwa baitcaster from Dicks for 70 and was wondering what kind of line do you need? I bought some 17 pound Stren original line and was wondering do I put that on? Also is there anywhere on the internet to find out how to line a baitcaster

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Sure use the line you already have, your gonna need it :P All kidding a side I would do a search on this site , there are already some detailed post out there that could help .

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I'd put Berkley Fireline or Stren Superbraid. But it all depends on the type of fishing you do. If you buy the line from Dicks, Bass Pro, or Cabela's and places like that they'll put it on for ya for free. just take it to the fishing counter.

As for how to spool it on.....If you're using braid...put 20-30 yards of mono on your reel first and tie it to your braid. Or........Find out how much line your reel holds. And subtract the # of yards from your braid spool. and fill the rest with mono. (Just make sure ya put the mono on first. :P)

Like niteowl said, search the forums! good luck!! :)

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