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Which would be a better reel for shorecasting a baitcast or spincast

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Depends on what you are going to throw.

Remember, just because you are not in a boat you still use the same techniques and applications as if you were in a boat.

I use baitcasters for early AM topwaters, including a buzzbait.

Then, I have a spinning reel setup ready to throw with a Senko or a jig after the bass misses the buzzbait.

I use both for wacky, shaky and Texas-rigged setups.  Baitcaster for flipping and pitching (yes, you can pitch and flip from shore) and my cranks and spinnerbaits, pointers, Rat-L-Traps plus frogs and if there is any heavy cover.

So just because you are on shore does not mean that  you eliminate any bait or technique.  It only means that you cannot cover the vast amount of water you can while in a boat.

Personally, I like wacky rigged Senkos and finesse worms when fishing from the shore, on a spinning set up using no more than 8 pound flourocarbon line.  Six pound test if I can get away with that works beautifully.

So give it all a try.

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