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need help getting set up

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 Haven't gone fishing in over 6 years and need some help getting everything set up right.  I just bought a Fenwick 6'6" HMG MF rod with a Pfleuger Supreme 8035MG reel.  My 1st question is what size line to go with.  I mostly fish for bass but sometimes I go after trout and on rare occasions carp.  Planning on buying some Trilene Maxx since I used Trilene back in the day.  I used to use 8lb test but was thinking about going with 6lb test for better casts.  Was wondering what you guys would recommend.

 Another question I have has to do with hook sizes.  What size hook do you guys use on 5" Tiki Sticks?  I have size 3 and 4 offset shank worm hooks.  Didn't know which would work better.  Also wondering what size hook you guys use when fishing with medium sized live shiners.  I own some size 1 snells I was planning on using for them.

 My last question has to do with swivels.  As a kid and teenager I always used them.  I am usually changing up my bait fairly often so swivels made it easy to change to whatever I wanted.  I fish with just about everything including live bait, spinner baits, soft baits, hard baits, etc.  Are there any disadvantages when attaching your bait to a swivel instead of directly to the line?  If the disadvantages are nil or minimal, what type of swivel would you recommend (size, color)?

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I'd want to use the heavier line because of the cover that bass are usually found in.

As to hook for 5" Tiki Stick, I never used one, but I think it's like a Senko and others, so I'd recommend a 4/0 extra-wide-gap.

I use small duolock snaps, not swivels, either chrome or black.

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