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Spinning Rod for Shore Fishing in Heavy Cover

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I found a quarry to fish.  It has reeds along most of it, large rocks and even some stumps.  Some of the more open spaces involve casting under tree limbs.  I'm thinking a short spinning combo would work well since there are so many obstructions to interfer with the cast.  Also considering 20-30 lb braid to help save a few lures from snags since I can't reposition myself to pull from another angle.  Initially, I'd be using a Stradic FH or Daiwa Exceler in the 2500 size.

I'm looking for suggestions on a short, strong & sensitive spinning rod.  This rod will cover most techniques, but I have a 6'6" MF spinning and 7'0" MF casting worm/jig rod already.  

Shimano CS said that the Crucial 6'0" MHF should be able to handle braid.  In the same price range the Daiwa Light & Tough 6'0" floating worm rod looks pretty verasatile.  I've seen a G Loomis SJR IMX 724 for around $150, but I'm concerned it would to too heavy.  The Powell 604EF might be out of my price range.

Are there ary other alternatives in the $<150 or something exceptional <$200.  Thanks!!


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