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Which Yozuri line???

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Question reguarding the Yozuri line. There is none available in my home town of Ardmore Okla. I will have to order it online. Being I have never seen a spool of this stuff I wanted to ask what pound test line I should buy. Im currently using braid that it 12# diameter but 30# test and I like it just fine except it doesnt take abrasion too good. The part I do like is it will straigten the hook without loosing the whole rig, and i still get a good casting distance and good feel. How does yozuri rate their lines? What pound test would I need to buy to compare to what Im using now? If I buy a spool of 12# test, how does the diameter compare? I generally use soft plastics t rigged in moderate to heavy cover with  occasional trolling with 6 to 8 ft running lures from one fishing spot to another using a baitcast reel. Looks like there are good and bad opinions about this line in the previous post but Im wanting to try something new.

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YoZuri Ultra Soft #12 will be a the line you should try. You can order it from Cabela's. It behaves very well and is amazingly strong. You shouldn't be disappointed. Try it!


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