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Ballpark Frank

I am in love with beta-carotene.

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I love my new Carrot. I had a parabolic for awhile, bought it back in December I think. Well I never fished it, I tend to like a MH fast for cranks and could not find a use for it. I stopped by my local tackle shop on the way home yesterday and found the Carrot I wanted, a 6'6" MH fast casting. I told the owner about my para, and he said he would be happy to trade even. I didn't take long with that offer. I fished the Carrot for 2 hours this afternoon, using every lure type in my box. This thing my take over the coveted all-purpose spot, now held by my MBR783 IMX. Funny thing is, I can't find this model in anyone's inventory or on E21's site. I see a few more in my future.

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I like my Carrots as well...they are a great value.  They are the lightest rod in the middle rod market, and are a pleasure to fish (except for the guides).   If an angler has $150ish to spend on a rod they have some serious work to do for sure!  This is the hottest market segment, and there are some great sticks competing for the top spot in the $150 range.  I own Carrots, Powells, and Avids and I still haven't come across a rod in the middle rod market that surpasses the IMX.  My Powells are the closest thing I think.  Just keeping it real...

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