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Baitcaster Line

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Hello. I just brought a Diawa Megaforce baitcasting reel with the twitchin bar. I am gonna use it for topwater fishing in a lot of slop. I was just wondering what you guys think the best kind of line would be to put on it.

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if you're using it strictly for topwater I'd probably go with a nice mono or copolymer since a bit of stretch isn't a bad thing with topwaters, and you shouldn't have to worry about cover too much if you play the fish right. the stretch helps with times where they don't get a good blowup on the lure and sometimes helps hook them. I've used flourocarbon a lot and been fine, though. I've never limited myself to using one rod for topwaters, though.

having said that, I don't use mono, so I'd suggest P-line's Evolution copolymer. I've been using it the last couple weeks a lot and love it. rock solid line that feels really good and holds up as well as Ultragreen from Maxima, but without the overly stiff feel and low castability. g'luck!

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You will need to experiment to find what brand and test you like best as so many guys have their favorite lines that you will be inundated with responses.

What is more important than the brand is the type and test of line you use.

I like the YoZuri, Trileen XL and Vanish and Sliver Thread.  But any name brand, like Stren or Big Game or P-Line are excellent, too.

Here are some guidelines to consider:

1.  Mono for treble baits.  Heavier the test the more buoyant the lure and the lure will "sit" as it is designed to sit in the water.  17 pound test is a consideration. I like 12 pound to 14 pound test unless there is a lot of structure or cover and then I go to the 17 pound test.

2.  Fluorocarbon or copoly for everything else.  Once again, the test is your perference for the strength of the reel and the type of fishing you do.

3.  Super lines and braid for deep water or heavy cover.  The smaller the diameter the better.

Always be sure to do three things when fishing a baitcaster:

1. Consider using either KVD's Lure and Line Conditioner when spooling the line onto your baitcaster to make the line soft and more user friendly.

2. Balance your baitcaster to the bait. This is done by rigging up the lure and then pointing your rod tip to an 11 o'clock position and releasing the bait.  The bait is balanced when the lure hits the floor and the reel stops without any backlashes.  You will then have to fine tune your casts to avoid backlashes while fishing.

Use both the spool knob and the drag to set up the balance and please do not do this on carpet as the hooks will get into the carpet.

Do not overspool the line on the reel.  Leave about an eighth of an inch or a little more from the top of the spool.

3. Check the drag.  Easiest way to lose a nice fish is to have the drag too tight.  I like to make sure the line can move off the baitcaster and at the same time that it is still tight enough to bring the fish home.  Mods suggest 2.5 pounds of pressure to release the drag but it is personal preference.

Please balance your baitcaster and check the drag as you change your baits during the day.

When storing a baitcaster please consider taking all of the pressure off the spool and drag so that the reel has no pressure on it when you store it.

And two more tips. Consider spooling the baitcaster with the line coming off the bottom of the spool. Don't know why, but it just works better for me.

Plus look at the baitcaster's limitations as to yards and test.  They are placed on the reel so you can make sure you follow those guidelines so you do not place additional stress on the reel's gears causing damage.

Have fun and we expect to see some nice pics on the site, soon.  ;)

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