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Stren Microfuse for jigs????

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So i been using some of this Stren Microfuse mostly for night time spinnerbait. Reason i chose this was cause it was florescent. But this line is extremely sensitive. So my question is im thinking about putting it on another baitcaster to throw for jigs in around 10-20 foot of water. Would the 12 lb test be ok for this. I was thinking about running a floro leader on with it but im not really familar with tieing line together would it be wrong to use a barrel swivel with a floro leader of about 12 inches or so? Can someone give me some tips on what i would need to do?

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microfuse isn't widely available yet. add to that the fact that stren isn't as popular as many other fishing line brands and you can see what's happening. I haven't heard anything on the net about this line at all, but I've been wanting to try it.

I'm probably going to order some soon and try it, but I doubt you'll get any feedback on this line from anyone soon.  :-[

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booneangler, if your happy with the line then try it on a jig outfit, I jig fish with 40lb Power Pro green. I would go up to at least 30lb, and instead of tying on a leader just get a Sharpie permanent marker in brown or green and color the last 30 inches of line.

Good Luck


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