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Cabela's Whuppin' Stick

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I have posted about this rod before, but I have to ask again if anyone else had used these rods and would like to hear their thoughts about them. Now I know most guys here use higher grade rods, but as a student I don'thave very much money to spend on gear. I had purchased this rod because I wanted a glass crankbait rod, but I needed a spinning rod.

I bought the 6'6" ML and for only $20, I bought two. Now I have not used high end gear, but for a $20 rod this rod is very good in my opinion. It's great for cranks since it has a moderate to slow action, I can't rememeber ever losing a fish on these rods due to throwing the hook and I've caught bass, salmon, trout, and pikerel. It has a great action keeping constant pressure, but not too much pressure on a hooked fish without tearing the trebles out. The rod is way more sensitive than you;d think when you think of a glass rod. The tip is sensitive and you feel the lure bump structure and you can always feel a strike. For $20 I think everyone should go out and give them a try, even if you hate it donate it to some kid who just started fishing, but I guarentee for most casual anglers you'll hang on to this rod, even if just for a back up.

I just wanted to see if anyone else has used or owns this rod.

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I bought one a few years ago. I'm sorry I can not agree with your opinion. Once you are able to use more expensive equipment you'll see what I'm saying.

It is a great kids rod or some one who fishes very little.

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Try Clarus rods by Shimano, they are on sale at tackle warehouse

40-50 bucks is great and they are a BIG step up from whuppin sticks

they are bait casters though

Also try cablelas line of rods cheap but still a decent stick and they have glass rods for 30 bucks :)

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