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Curado E7 or Chronarch 101B?

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I currently have a BPS Rick Clunn Combo, and I'm looking to upgrade. I've narrowed it to the E7 and 101B. I've been researching for a long time to find a new reel for me. I'm looking to try centrifugal brakes, and the Shimano "Set it and forget it" got my attention because I at times I just can't leave my magnetic dial well enough alone. Also, I've been looking for more torque on the retrieve (I fish for bowfin occasionally). A 6.3:1 ratio is what I want, and I think I should probably hold final judgment until we know for sure if the Citica gears will swap. Also, I've heard that the Chronarch still out-performs the Curado and is smoother; and I definitely like that the Chronarch is built like a tank (I'm clumsy). I think that the Rick Clunn combo is a good all-around unit, and great deal for the money. This was my first baitcaster, and now I'm looking to step up. I seriously had the Citica E in the equation, but felt that a year from now I might want to upgrade again, but the either one of these I wouldn't for quite some time because there wouldn't be a need to any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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