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Swimbaiting set-ups   Rods,Reels,Lines

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I'd like to start a quality thread on this. If some of our swimbaiters that have hundreds, if not thousands of hours experience with this stuff could give their opinions here, I think it would be a VERY VALUABLE tool for us to refer newer swimbaiters to.

Again,...no offense to anyone but I'm looking for input from guys like Fourbizz, FishChris, MattLures, Randall, Bassectomy, etc, guys with an exceptional amount of on water experience in the swimbait realm.

I don't have their experience by any means, but just to get the topic rolling, let me throw out my experience.

I fish my own wake baits, very similar to a slammer, they push a bit more water but, very similar. I use a 7'11" H Crucial, and a Revo stx w/17 lb mono.

This set up works for me but because I have limited time with it (1 season) I'd like to know what you guys think I could do to improve my swimbaiting experience. I don't like casting w a round body, I'm just set in my salt water ways, a round body, to me, is not for "casting" A mind set, I know, but for example, how much further could I expect to cast w/ a wide spool, round body reel?

Overall, what would you change and why?

(the rod stays, a karma thing, it was a gift. The Revo was too but I can use that for a gazillion applications)

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starting to swimbait is a whole other level in fishing

i just started this year and spent too much money on baits that dont work( run true, swim straight, etc.) but thats another thread

im like you i dont like round reels but i do have a cardiff( cheaper to find out if i like them or not) and a green curado with braided line

i use a shimano 7'11 5-8" swimbait

i think you should try to get a curado 300 if your you dont like round reels, the curado is a low profile that holds alot of line

my cousin has a calcutta/cruical setup as well as a curado300/crucial setup i like the curado300 setup myself

that reel is the next addition to my swimbait arsenal

oh i mainly use the green curado w/ 65lbs braid but the round cardiff is on reserve for when i need to use mono 20lb p-line cxx around rocks or sharp objects

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I'm no expert but I fish swimbaits pretty much 98% of the time.

If you dont like round reels I would get a Curado 301 (unless you're one of those backward guys lol then a 300) or maybe try one of those new Revo Toros. You want more gear/crank power than what the STX will offer (I have one and a SX so I can attest) in case you get a monster on - plus I like a bigger handle/paddles to work them in. Plus reels with less beefy components will crap out after the repeated beating casting and retrieving swimbaits will give them. (IMO/IME - cardiff)

As for the rod its a good one and I know you got the karma thing going lol but I hate how short the Crucial handles are. I would suggest trying out a rod with a longer handle for a trip or two and see if you like it. Depending on your hookset/reeling style it might not work but I really like tucking a long handle under my arm and doing a body sweep set - lots of power even with little travel distance. And there isnt any reason why you could have TWO rods ;D.

I have a few customs, some okumas, and my buddy fishes shimanos pretty exclusively and my favorite for big jointed, but not too heavy treble baits like the slammer has been the Rainshadow 967 so far. Real good bend and characteristics.


EDIT: oh u might try the Quantum Cabo for a low-pro with power as well but I hate how it has the button on the side instead of a thumbar.

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