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Bayou Bass

The New Curado is the Real Deal!!

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I just picked up one of the new curados up and had to take her giver her a work out yesterday.  Although I do thoroughly enjoy bass fishing my real passion is inshore saltwater fishing.  If my equipment cannot hang in the salt it has to go!!!

So, we shot down to the coast in search of some speckled trout but stumbled upon some monster black drum and redfish.  The first big dog we hooked was a 34lb black drum.  Now this fish does not fight a ton but that much weight puts some strain on any rod and reel.  Well the curado spooled with 17lb trilene just owned this fish.

Next up was a 20lb redfish which really gave this reel a workout.  He took my entire spool 3 times.  I had the drag just about maxed out and the reel did not let up one time.  Took a bit to get her in (medium rod), but the red was no match for the curado.

Inshore saltwater fishing can really tear up your gear.  The corrosive nature of the saltwater and the big fish are quite demanding on tackle.  If my gear can make it past this test freshwater is a sure thing.  The new curado is a great all around reel: very lighweight, small, smooth reeling, and casts a mile.  I am already thinking about getting another.  

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Glad to read that the south Louisiana saltwater fishing is in good condition after the two hurricanes this year.

Great post.

Redfish on the half-shell tonight?  :)

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