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auburn bass man

My trip to Bass Pro

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Well for the second weekend in a row I found myself at the Bass Pro in Nashville looking primarily for rods.  I wanted to be as technique specific as possible while covering as many areas as I could with 3 rods.  For the price and the way that they held in my hand, I walked out All Stars.  The TAS846C 7' MH/F, TAS845MC 7' M/XF, and TAS845STR 7' M/F.  Im pairing them with a Chronarch, Curado, and Stradic respectively (soon to come off of ebay).  Im looking for some personal oppinions and suggestions as to what techniques you would use these rods for.  Id appreciate any help  ;)

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I have the 2 baitcast models you bought in the Titanium series.  The 846 has always been called the C-rig model.  They used to have a Tom Mann Jr. sig rod using that model number, it was supposed to be extra fast but I never saw much difference.  Obviously, C-rigging, T-rig, pitching, etc.

The 845 series I usually use for throwing smaller spider jigs, small T-rigs, creature baits,  etc.  I suppose you could also throw a spinnerbait with it, the rod action is stout enough.

I'm not familiar with the 845 series spinning rod though.

The TAS rods are a really good value.  Should last you a long time.  

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