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Setyr rods

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Has anyone tried these.  They are in the price range of the St. Croix Tournament Elite or loomis IMX, just wondering I am looking for a new jigging rod and came across their website.  i had my mind set on a Tournament elite but thought I would check out these rods also.  Any other suggestions for a jigging rod?

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Shoot Ghoti a pm.  He has several and seems to like them real well.  Good looking rod.

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Hey, I exist. I'm relatively sure of it. :)

I have six Setyr rods and like them all just fine. It's difficult to compare rods, but in my opinion, these rods are comparable to St Croix's Legend Tournament series. I have Avid series and Legend Tournament series rods, but no Elite series rods, so I can't compare those. I own no Loomis rods, so I won't try to compare those either.

The warranty is top notch. I broke one, being stupid, highsticking a five pounder right at the boat, and broke off about six inches. I sent it back, after contacting them, and for twenty bucks, got a replacement. Took about two weeks, if I remember correctly.

I'd call the fit and finish above par for a factory rod. If you like some "bling" in your rods, these are not what you're looking for. The blanks are unfinished, and the wraps are subdued colors. Pretty much plain jane in the looks department. But, the wraps are tight and even, the thread finish is level and straight, the cork grips and reel seat are fitted together nicely. They obviously paid attention to detail, and put their time and money into top notch construction instead of cosmetics.

My rods are from either the Tactical or Response series. As far as I can tell the only difference is the Response series rods have Recoil guides and the Tactical series have Batson guides. Both are of the split rear grip, no fore grip design.

The Batson guides are excellent. Zirconia rings, which are a step up from Hardaloy, but not quite up to SiC. I don't know how many Fuji tips I've popped the ring out of over the years. You know how to do it. Reel up your T-rig until the weight hits the tip, and presto, the ring pops out. Well, theses guides don't do that. I know, I've done it.

I don't have an opinion yet on the Recoil guides. I bought the two rods with Recoils sometime around August, and haven't fished them enough to have a valid opinion on the guides. No problems so far.

I like the split grip design. It just looks cool to me. After fishing some of these for two seasons I'm not sure it has any real practical advantage. I'll probably raise somebody's hackles saying that, but I'll stand by the statement.

I do not like the no fore grip design. I hold the reel in the back of my palm, with my thumb and fore finger grasping the line. This puts my middle finger on the exposed threads. It becomes annoying after a while. I will be doing something to modify that over the winter. This is not a complaint about Setyr rods. I have a Cumara that I have the same complaint about. The threads on that one are exposed also.

Over all the rods are very light and sensitive. Top notch fishing tools.



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