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thoughts on Viscious copoly line

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Does anyone have first hand knowledge of this product, or any of the Viscious line products, thanks.

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Well your not real specific, so be patient with the long reply. Vicious Copolymer also kown as Vicious fishing Ultimate fishing line is a good all purpose line.Vicious uses (A.C.T.) "Advanced Copolymer Technology" This makes the line smoother and have a more consistant diameter, compared to other copolymer lines. Which is why Vicious Ultimate jumps off the spool for longer more accurate casts. And also the reason you get true pound test ratings, Most copolymer lines have tiny flat spots which are weak points. Vicious Ultimate is built with high tensile strength, very low stretch, superior knot strength, and ultimate impact charateristics which make this line top notch by anyones standard! Vicious Ultimate comes in 3 colors Clear / Blue, Lo-vis Green, and Lo-Vis Clear.

Prices for Vicious Ultimate are as follows:

330 yard spools

4lb - 10lb $6.49

12lb - 17lb $7.49

20lb $8.49

30lb $9.99 30lb comes in a 250 yard spool

Vicious Ultimate also comes in 660 yard spools, 1,000 yard spools and jumbo 2,400 yard spools. You can order directly from the vicious website www.vicious-fishing.com or find a retailer near you "which will save you some money on shipping and local retailers will usually sale for less than MSRP. Vicious is also now being sold at Dicks Sporting Goods.

This is my go to line for topwater fishing! Pound for pound it is the best Copolymer line available today. Anymore Questions about Vicious products feel free to ask. retiredbosn I will also send you a pm.

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