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Buzz Bait/Spinner Bait pole

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I've been experiementing with different rod actions with my buzzbaits and spinner baits. Much to my suprise I've had good success with a BPS CrankinStick MH on the buzz, I think it has to do with the amount of give. If I get over excited and set the hook to quick, the give of the pole seems to allow the fish to get the bait in its mouth and I end up with a fish on the end of my line. I have been using a MH Tournament Grade PT rod for spinner baits ( a lot stiffer), and don't seem to have that problem. I know the hooks on these baits are more like a pig sticker than a fishing hook, so you need a good hookset. What are your thoughts on the right pole for the buzz bait and spinner bait, should you use the same pole for both? Or is it recommended to have a softer action for the buzz? Thanks

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IMHO, it depends upon the technique and patterns you will be targeting.

Both lures are single hook like you noted so you want a fast tip that will bring the power of the rod to bear to set the hook and penetrate the lip. This is especially true if there is a lot of line between you and the fish. The weight/mass of the lure will allow the fish to shake it out easier so constant pressure must be held. Here a slower action rod will help maintain pressure as the fish lunges and shakes - once again - especially true if there is a lot of line between you and the fish.

With a buzz bait, there will be the visual indication of the strike. So, sensitivity is not quite as important as compared to a pure spinner technique. So, a slightly heavier rod is not going to hurt you in this situation (buzz).

A good all around rod would probably be a 6'6" Med-Hvy fast action rod.

A good "spinner bait" rod, IMHO, would be 6'6" up to 7'0" extra fast with medium power - shorter for accuracy longer for searching. Extra fast tip to help in setting the hook - especially important if being used as a search technique. Medium power to effectively set the hook and provide better sensitivity as compared to heavier heavy-power rod.

A good "buzz bait" rod, targeting cover, would be 6'0 to 6'6" with heavy power and a mod-fast to fast tip - although I would lean towards a moderate. Heavy power to drive the hook set and moderate tip to aid in the strike and fighting. The moderate tip will of course be a little softer, so it will help maintain tension as the fish uses the mass of the buzz to try and shake the lure free.


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