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If your gonna stick with Abu Garcia, for between 80-100 dollars shipped I would go with a Revo S model.

FWIW, I was thinking about getting a Pro Max just for the heck of it but have several S models.  In the end I decided for that extra couple of dollars to stay with what I trusted.

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i bought one for hammering ponds, and actually like it better than my revo S, so te S has been relegated to bank duty and the promax throws spinnerbaits on money days now.

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i have a pro max that i keep as an emergency backup reel and also as a reel for my kids to use. in terms of distance, it is flat out amazing. i fished it side-by-side with my revo Ss, revo SXs, and curados and the pro max can outdistance all of them. in fact, last year i was fishing a pro-am and my revo SX went down with the nastiest birdsnest that i could not pick out...so i quickly put on the pro max i carry around in my bag and resumed fishing...the pro i was paired with was watching me cast and was like, "I don't understand??" because even he was surprised by how far i could throw with it.

the pro max was actually the first low-profile garcia reel i bought. because of how well it casted, i also bought a revo S and two SXs. now, in comparison to the revos, it is nowhere as solid or smooth. in fact, after the first half-hour or so of casting, it starts to get rather noisy. under load, the retrieve isn't that smooth and it definitely doesn't feel like a one-piece frame reel in terms of non-flexing. but, for whatever reason, i find it much less prone to backlashing than the SXs and, like i said, the casting distance is amazing. it is not quite as compact as the revos...i guess it's about 10% larger.

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