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Avet Quad T-RX 30W worth it?

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       I've become a fishaholic as of late and quickly moved from a penn captiva 5000 on a M rod to a penn 950ssm on a MH rod but I am now thinking about getting the Avet Quad T-RX 30W for the bigger fishing.

my current set up is a Penn 950SSM with 30lbs momoi's diamond line on a 6' MH shakesphere ugly stick. heading to the bait shop after work to maybe put 50lbs on it instead.

I live in Sarasota, Florida which is on the gulf coast a bit south of Tampa. the only fishing I do is every weekend I go out on my friends 16ft jon boat and we hit up the "sarasota bay" which is a inlet since his girlfriend doesn't like big waves. But we have managed to go out in the gulf a few times trolling for grouper.

Now with that said I am wondering if my current setup is enough (I am thinking it is from the advice friends have already given me) or should i go for this bad boy and not have a doubt in my mind about losing a fish and it gets on my hook. (yes i know a reel alone will not make me catch fish)

Does anyone have this reel or has used it and can give me there insight on it?

I am not worried about the $750 price tag.

I just am tired of my line snapping on fish after long fights (yes i know it takes skill too, but this reel will surely help)

anyways thanks in advance for the help,


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