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p-line hi vis fluorescent green hi vis

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anyone use this color .....when flipping and pitching i like to see my line ..i also use my two rods for flipping and pitching for frogging and carolina rigging ,,,will this color do the job or will it be too visible under water,,, im not gonna be a braid man and i love p-line

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It's obviously personal preference, but I'm weary about using it.  The fluroescent lines only become fluorescent when light hits them.  In very murky or muddy water it probably doesn't make a difference.  In ultra clear water, light penetration can reach 40ft or more, and I feel much safer with clear line.  Something I did a long time ago was fill a glass pitcher with lake water.  Then I tied a bait on to a 2-3ft strand of a couple of monos I wanted to test.  Drop each in the pitcher and look at it's visibility.   What prompted me to do this was the fact that Academy Sports put all the Crystal Clear CXX on clearance.  Like most; I previously used the Moss green.  I wanted to see just how much more visible the clear was.  To my surprise, even the stained green tint of Grand Lake water didn't hide the darker profile of the Moss Green.  It was visible, and the Clear wasn't.  Light could penetrate the clear easier, and it blended in better.  Try this for yourself....whether you test green or fluorescent against clear....you might be surprised.

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