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Line Questions ?

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Just getting back into sport after truly many years.

I notice that my spinning and baitcasting reels have a black, very waxy and slippery line on them rather than mono.  I remember liking this line very much as it cast really well.

a.  can I stick with this type of line, or do you all recommend dumping it and going to one of the monofilament "plastic" lines " ?

Do folks use this type anymore; it sure does cast a mile !

How about sticking with it, and just tying a nylon leader to the end ?

Is this ever done ?

b.  If I stick with it, can I tie it directly to any lures or texas rigs, or do you feel that I will lose fish, as they will see and be disturbed by

it ?

Would the answer be different for smallmouth, largemouth, or even possibly trout ?

c.  Have read different opinions on how to wind a spinning reel with mono.  Same direction vs counter curl direction.

What is the generally accepted wisdom on how to do it, please ?

If you could give some detail on how to align the purchased spool and the spinning reel, so I don't get it wrong, it would be appreciated.



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I'm getting a deja vu. Have you asked this within the last week?

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