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What set up?...What will work best?...Help Me Please!!!!

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Hello Folks,

Al Cecil here. I am new to the bass fishing world as I have only been on the hunt for about 3 years now. I have gotten my rigs ready but don't think I have my addition right so I am going to give you the facts and see what kind of answer you come up with for me. I fish here in Alabama in any body of water I can. Logan Martin, small ponds and lakes near by Hoover (Birmingham), and anywhere I can. I am not a great catcher but I love to fish. I want to tell you my rods, my reels, and my lines so you can help me put together the right rigs for my fishing needs. I would like a worm setup to run Texas rigs or any other soft bait presentation. Secondly a crankbait rig. And I guess an all purpose set up. Please take a moment to look at what I have, offer any suggestions on what needs to be where and if I need to add anything else into the equation. Here Goes:

Casting Rods:

Ugly Stik Light Pro Casting 7' Med action

Ugly Stik Light Pro Casting 6'6" Med/Heavy Action

Berkley Lightning Rod IM7 6'6" Med

Spinninng Rods:

Ugly Stik Light Pro 7' Med action Spinning

Ugly Stik Light Pro 6'6" Med action Spinning


Abu Garcia Silver Max

Quantum Accurist AC500cx


Cardinal 102


Vanish Transition Gold 8lb

Spiderwire XXX super mono 14lb

Spiderwire stealth moss green 20lb

Any suggestions on how to put all of these choices together to make the best rigs for soft plastics, crankbaits, and topwater/spinners?  Also, just a note that I am a public school teacher in Alabama and am the only income for my family of 4 so please don't recommend that I run out and get a G-Loomis or a new reel, but if you have some to donate to a brother... B)

I need all the help I can get!

Thanks folks.


Al :-?

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I'd put the Accurist on the lightning rod and spool it with 14#mono for my spinners and topwater. I think it works well for worming too.  My first setup inc. a 6"6"med Lighting rod, I used it for everything.

     abu on the med. heavy and spool that with 14# aswell for worms and cranks. The 7ft rod would be great for cranking too, but thats about all I would use it for IMO. If I knew I was gonna do a lot of crankin, I'd bring the rod along and swap as necessary for the longer casts.

I like a 7ft. spinning rod so I'd put that cardinal there with the 8# line.

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