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The Yankee Fist

G. Loomis Bronzeback SMR822S-SP GLX Review. Long read.

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Yo Zuri Hybird Ultra soft 6lb mist green/used on all rods/Sustain 2500 FE reel.

After years of using my BPS Micro Lite 6'6" I finally decided to upgrade to an all purpose top of the line spinning rod. The biggest headache was finding a handle I liked matched with the rod I liked so I could put my finger on the blank and not hold only plastic....give this Tenn. handle fan some cork love! ;D

First, the ergonomics.

I know, "I don't understand is this guy talking about?" Well, a shore goat like me needs balance, power and finesse out of the one rod I am using most of the time. With a Sustain FE attached the rod balances on your index finger right about where said finger sits. Perfect for bushwhacking, hiking, traversing and perfect for all day fishing comfort in contortionist positions. At 6'10" I thought this rod would be too long but it's quick, crisp feel allows for easy casts in cramped quarters.

What did I throw?

EVERYTHING in it's weight class, some lures below and some above. These included, whacky worms, T-Rigs, crankbaits, spinnerbaits,inline spinners, tubes, grubs, creatures, jerkbaits, topwater and swimbaits. No problem with any of them. Versatility indeed. I even took it to a clear lake to dropshot off of a point today..Yamasenko attached, worked great.

The casting accuracy is astounding. Really, it is.

Make no mistake about the sensitivity of the IMX and above.

It is there in this rod in spades. For instance, fishing a tube in river current I could feel EVERY little thing...when the bite sets, even a light pressure bite, there is NO doubt it's a fish.

Action: Medium they say?

Sure, more like fast taper, thin repsonsive tip and the butt of a Sumo wrestler. This rod will handle BIG fish, no sweat. Not that I have caught any yet but I caught a decent sized smallie(in the pic) and the rod was just superlative....enough backbone, suprising amounts actually and that fast tip....I must admit to not being used to the rod's speed and lost a few big ones from being to quick to set the hook. Even largemouth fishing yesterday which I rarely do the rod did very well. Missed some biggies again due to the speed of the rod but I am getting used to it.

REC guides:

Fear not, they work great. I like that they are made here in my home state and I don't  fish superlines so they work just great for me.

Comparison to the SMR 750S-SP I had last week...none. Not in the same class as the GLX in sensitivity, balance or feel.

Comparison to the SJR721 6' I had to bring back due to a mis-aligned handle.....10% more sensItive....a little more crisp even with the added length and casts a little further.

Comparison to my BPS ML......HA! 'Nuff said except that the old rod still feels better than alot of new expensive foreign stuff....this one is Korean I think. It is however, as sensitive as the 750S-SP. Not close to the IMX and even further from the GLX.

I caught smallmouth, largemouth, rainbow and brown trout as well as some pickerel and it handledall very easily. NOT just a soft plastics rod, a great all around rod too.

Was it worth the cash?

Yes, for someone who savors buying American when they can and has worked their but off for the dough it was for me....as was the "one rod to rule them all" theme so I could spend more time fishing.

The fishing aspect?

It's a GLX Loomis and it is all "they say" it is, I'm a convert. Conservative looking, outrageous performance and just so nice to fish that for me, I found a great all around rod without having to have one made. Really this rod should be marketed as an all around multi-species medium rod with extra nuts in the butt. It's really an "athletic" rod if that makes sense.

Would I do it again, yes, in a second. In fact the GLX all purpose casting rod is next.

Smallie 1


Smallie 2


Rainbow...bout a 2lb fish on a bass rod and lure? ;D


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Great review Bro (enjoyed the read)...great pics too... way up!!

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Thanks guys :)

I really have to state what I touched on again, this is an "athletic" rod for the lack of a better term.

Loomis should advertise:

"The Bronzeback GLX, Athletic, so you don't have to be."

;D B) ;D

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Either MBR783/4 or MBR843/4

I would want to throw a variety with this one too. I felt the IMX 783 and it felt great, really nice but I'm vacillating on 6'6" or 7" and the 3 or 4 powers now that I've had some time to think a little about more what I'll actually be doing since the spin rod handles so much. The extra power might be nice in either length.

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