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Question on Quantum drag washer order

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Can somebody help me with the order of the drag washers. I had everything stacked in the same order it came off but I fumbled things when picking them up. In hindsight I should have laid them out in the order they came off instead of stacking and I probably should take pictures for the files. I've contacted Quantum customer support and while they were pretty quick to respond (less than 2 hours) the answer was incomplete... Below is a my email to their first response which sent me to a website with better schematics and their response.


I went to the website and found this

There are two schematics in this page, one is viewable in the page at the lower right and the other at the upper right is a link which takes you to a more detailed schematic. These two schematics show washers in different locations. The schematic in the lower right shows the drag washers (53) on opposite sides of the click spring (54) and spring washers (55). But if you click on the pdf in the upper right of that page they show both drag washers (53) stacked below the click assembly. Another thing confusing me is that between the bearing and the star drag on the pdf they show a total of six parts. Well, I have eight parts total. I assume some of these are just spacers, but I don't know where they should be placed.

Here are the parts I have. What is the order of assembly starting from the bearing out?

(qty. 1) #54 Star Drag Clicker Spring Assembly

(qty. 2) #55 Star Drag Spring Washer

(qty. 2) washers, 0.399 OD, 0.319 ID, 0.020 thick (I assume these are #53)

(qty. 1) washer, 0.467 OD, 0.320 ID, 0.037 thick

(qty. 1) washer, 0.467 OD, 0.325 ID, 0.022 thick

(qty. 1) washer, 0.394 OD, 0.320 ID, 0.013 thick


According to our Tech, the assembly will be in this order:

On top of the bearing it should go:

1) spacer

2) click spring

3) two drag springs - concaved to each other - )(

4) spacer

5) star drag

6) handle washer

7) handle

8) nut

So, what do they want me to do with these extra parts, throw them away? They must be there for a reason. If put the extra washers in what's the worst that could happen? I imagine damaging the washers and having a non-functional drag? Anyway, sorry for the length but I'd rather get all the info out there so the right people can point me in the right direction.



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I can't post a links yet, but they directed me to a tackleserviceDOTcom address where I browsed to the Quantum Code Red schematics which didn't match each other.

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