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New Rod/Reel Setups

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Hey guys. I am looking to get some new setups for my fishing. Here's what I have.


Shimano Citica E7

Shimano Callisto


Mostly cheap Berkley ones

6'6" MH Cherrywood- guide on the tip looks like someone cut gashes in it, I sanded it down, but it's not perfect.

2- 6' MH Berkley Bionix- Relly not a bad rod. Both brand new.

Here's what I am looking to do. I want to get two NEW, NICE rods. Now, keep in mind, I am also about to get my learners permit, so I need to not be buyin' G-Loomises. I use a lot of jigs, worms, spinnerbaits, and am about to get into swimbaits, and a lot of flippin'/pitchin'. Also, I mostly bank fish in small ponds.

I want to get a Mojo in the 7' Heavy action. I will use this for flippin/pitchin', swimbaits, and jigs, and I will pair this up with my citica, full o' braid.

I also want to get another Citica to put on a 6'6" MH Mojo (maybe), to use for spinnerbaits, worms, etc, with 14 lb mono. I am not going to buy flouro, too much money.

Then for my lite-tackle set-up. I am thinking of going with a Shimano Sahara, paired up with a Shimano Clarus 5'6" Light, with 4 lb line.

Considering that I am on a a very tight budget, does this sound like a good option for all of the bank fishing I do?

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It all sounds good to me!

The Mojo rod could be longer or MH if you want but your pick sounds just fine. It covers everything you mentioned and you could even use it for frogging and carolina rig.

Your second rod looks fine also. Plus you wouldn't want to put fluoro on that rod if you're using it for spinnerbaits. I might even go up to 17 lbs test. I don't really care for mono tho if you're tossing soft plastic stickbaits.

Small tackle setup - looks good but why 4 lbs line? I'd do 7-8 lbs fluoro and use it for shaky head, drop shotting, & wacky worming.

Personally, I would also get some 20 lbs fluoro for that first setup and play with that and see which you prefer. I think the fluoro has more practical uses like swimming jigs, stickbaits, soft paddle swimbaits and heavy swimbaits.

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The light tackle set-up will be like my ultra-light. I'm not going to use it for worms or anything, just like small grubs and stuff like that.

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