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Bass Pro Shop Surprise

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I use 17 pound mono when throwing crankbaits and I visited BPS in Richmond to look for some mono for an upcoming tournament.

I noticed the competitive price for the BPS Excel Mono when compared with the Stren, but the BPS box did not have the line diameter so I went to the counter and asked one of the BPS guys if the diameter was shown in the catalog.

As we looked at the catalog, we noticed the red print which said the BPS Excel jumbo spools were on sale for $7.99 each.

The actual price is $22.99 per spool so I asked the BPS guy if I could get the catalog price, and he said "sure"  so I went back and picked up a 10 pound test jumbo spool for my spinning setups.

We went to the service desk and the lady checked the catalog, page 138, and agreed and charged me only $7.99 per each of the two jumbo spools.

That is a $30 savings!!!!!

So if you are in the market for some mono and don't bother using the BPS brand, check out page 138 in the catalog and head to your nearest BPS store and load up.

After all, if DVD pontificates it, it has to be good!  :)   :P   :P

P.S.  I also picked up two more charging kits for my Sterns PFD as I accidentally set it off at home and had to replace the charging system.  

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Opps. Make that KVD, not DVD.

I am old and confused!!!!  ;D

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