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Looking for input on next rod type.

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Looking for some input on the next bc rod I am planning on getting. Not specific rod brand etc but as far as type.

Looking for something to best compliment my 2 current BC.

Current Set ups:

Powell 683c w/ Revo S spooled 12# PLINE CX

Kistler Argon Flip n' Pitch w/Abu Revo STX spooled 50# Fireline Braid

Kunnan IM7 7'M/F W/ Shimano Saros F spooled 10# PLINE Floroclear

BPS Pro Qualifier spooled 12# PLINE CX (Not currently mounted)

The powell makes a great multi purpose rods, I currently use it for spinners,cranks,weightless soft plastics, shakey heads and top waters.

The Kistler I use primarily for jigs, frogs and weighted plastics and swim baits.

The Kannan I use primarily for tubes, jerk baits and drop shot.

I'm kind of toying with a designated crankin rod, swim bait rod or possibly a  drop shot rod. Any input is greatly appreciated.

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Well I'm not sure if you meant it this way but one thing I probably wouldn't do is use the same rod for drop shotting and c-rig.

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Get a crankbait rod. if u do alot of cranking then its a good idea. This is because it will allow the fish a little more time to grab the bait so that u dont pull your lure out of the fish's mouth.

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