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Daiwa Heartland swimbait rod

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What do you guys think of this rod? I know it's cheap but daiwa is a pretty solid name and for the price i don't see how you could go wrong unless it just somehow snaps. Anyone use this rod? Likes or dislikes? I'd really like to get into big swimbaits but after picking up my old hobby of paintball it's hard to afford both. This is a good cheap alternative but i do not want to throw money away. I will mostly be wanting to throw 7" slammers, the big tru tungsten, mattlures hard gill, those type of things. Which rod would you pick between the 7'6 and the 7'9 for those lures? Thanks guys!

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I did a search and saw there was another post but I still would like to know for what I'll be fishing, which size should i get? The 7'6 or the 7'9? I want to throw the mattlures hardgill, possibly sometime the mattlures hardbass, and the tru tungsten 7" gill. Probably some lighter lures like hte mattlures ultimate bluegill and what not. Some help would be great I'd like to purchase the rod and mattlures hardgill tomorrow so it'll have use by the weekend. Thanks

heres the link


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