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Looking at setting up my first Baitcast combo.

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OK been doing some reading and I am looking to set up my first BC combo.  I have $100 in cabela's gift cards and $50 in bps from christmas.

Cabelas has the Shimano Citica E 200 reel for $120.  They are running a $20 off any $100 or more purchase, so basically that leaves me a reel that I just have to pay tax on.

I was looking at the BPS Extreme Series rods, they have some on clearance, most specifically 6' 10" MH on clearance for $63.  This combo would retail for $183, and after my gift cards I am only looking at like $25 out of pocket once figure in taxes.

I fish mostly soft plastics (senko, t-rigged worms, lizards, brushhogs), medium to small crankbaits, a little spinnerbait, and starting to learn how to fish jigs.

I have plenty of lighter duty spinning gear for the lighter tackle.  Would this rig work well for weighted T-rigs and senko's?  Or would a 6'6" M in teh same rod be better. 

I am almost 6'6" tall myself. 

Thanks for any insight

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You will find that the Citica gets a lot of recommendations here at BR.  However, since you are coming from spinning gear, you may want to consider a Left Hand retrieve 201 model.  With the 200 you will be holding the rod in your left hand and reeling with your right.  I personally could not get used to it... (there are a bunch of threads on the topic).

I have a 3 yr old Extreme and it is a decent rod.  At the same price from BPS I would prefer the boron Browning Midas.  It is significantly more sensitive and it has been reliable for me (other members have expressed other views).   For even less, the Pro Finesse XPS is currently another great value, but may not have a fast enough backbone for jigs.  Perhaps, a bigger issue than model of rod is getting the rod in the appropriate configuration. 

At 6'6" a 7' rod should work well for you unless you fish from the banks around brush or you don't like the feel of the given rod.  Having one rod that pulls duty from small cranks to jigs will involve some compromises.  A rod forgiving (slower action) enough for small cranks may not have a fast enough action for setting the hook with jigs...  If you haven't read it yet, there is a great sticky on the topic at the top of this forum.  If you already throw cranks on your spinning gear, you might want to use the BC setup for Senkos, Jigs & Spinnerbaits.  A MH with a faster action would probably work for these techniques.


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I am left handed so I am used to working bass ackwards. So holding left and reeling right is what I am used to.

Also, I have light gear for the smaller cranks,  this would be more for the heavier plastics.

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