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Rod& Reel Applications

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Hey guys, since i just started bass fishing a couple years ago and im young and poor lol, i dont exactly have a wide variety of rods & reels. But I was wondering if you guys could tell me what types of lures work well with which rod and reel combos.

Combo #1 - Abu Garcia Silver Max Baitcaster on an Abu Garcia medium-heavy rod (6 foot 6 inches).

Combo #2 - Quantum Tenacity AP Baitcaster on Quantum Tenacity medium rod (6 foot 6 inches)

Combo #3 - Quantum Tenacity AP Spinning Reel on Quantum Tenacity medium action rod (6 foot)

Combo #4 - Shamano R2000 spinning reel on Berkley lightning rod, medium heavy (6 foot)

Combo #5 - Abu Garcia Cardinal 102 Reel on an Abu Garcia Cardinal 100 Rod, medium action (6 foot 6 inches)

Also, Id like to have one combo for shaky head fishing and one for flipping in heavy cover and docks.

sorry if its a dumb question, i just want to maximize what i hate.   thanks guys!

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Here's my picks:

combo #1-single hook lures like spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, T-rigs.

combo #2-crankbaits, topwaters (popper style, torpedo's), hard jerkbaits.

combo #3 and #5-maybe shakey head or dropshot.

combo #4-light t-rigs.

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Which bc reel would you recommend for pitchin & flippin into heavy cover?

Which ever reel has the highest gear ratio

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thanks for your help guys....  rods and reels are something i dont really understand right now. So your help does wonders for me. Thanks !

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