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Re: need help deciding reel

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heres the thing i have to buy 1 reel due to too much reels so heres the reel list

shimano core 50mg


abu garcia premier

abu garica stx

abu garica sx


There is a pretty big price difference in your list. I can't help you decide, but maybe I can help you insert enough information so that someone else can help you make that decision.

I think you should mention the type of fishing you plan on using it for. Possibly name the rod also as I have read that some rods, such as the Vandettas, are tuned for certain reels. What type of water will you be fishing?

I recently got a Daiwa Fuego because I couldn't pass up a $229 reel for $145. ;D What I really wanted was the STX you mentioned because of how I will initially be fishing with it. I wanted this reel primarily for its drag. I fish with my bother-in-law in lily pads and Hydrilla. I wanted the power of the STX drag system for hauling the fish out of that environment. It wasn't until I received the Daiwa that I found the STX for $130. A 2009 model, but that doesn't bother me. Before that all I could find was the MSRP of $199.

You don't appear to have the budget constraint I have. Add a paragraph or two describing your fishing methods, and I think you will get a lot more replies.

Good luck with your decision. From the research I've been doing lately I'd have to say you couldn't go wrong with any of the reels you've listed. I personally am just getting back into fishing, and want to go the baitcasting route. I'd be interested in what some of the more experience gentlemen (and ladies?) on here have to say about comparing the attributes of the reels you listed.

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