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Fenwick Elite Tech Drop Shot Spinning Rod

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I am looking at the 6'10" ML, I like the looks and it has rec guides.  It's lightweight and it has a graphite cone in the foregrip for better sensitivity.

Any of you own and use this rod or the 6'7" M?

I have a Cabelas XMLTi 6'9' M drop shot rod that's very sensitive, just wondering if the Elite Tech DS is any better.

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I used the 6'10" for a couple months and liked it but at the time they were too pricey, no you can get them cheap or just go with the 7'2 MXF Cumara.

The 6'7 was ok, just too short for my liking. I used it for my dock skipping rod for tubes on a jighead and the Spot Remover.

(I have a buddy who is sponsored by Fenwick so I mess around with a lot of their stuff but have never actually bought one) I don't think you will find a large difference in sensitivity from a $100 drop-shot rod or $250 rod. All depends on the actual weight of the rod and type of weight imo.

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You may want to check out The Daiwa Cielo Drop-Shot rod, on sale at about half price, on ***.

6'10" med-light XX-fast spinning rod.

I got one, and if you want a dedicated drop shot rod, you probably won't find a better deal anytime soon.

I said dedicated drop shot rod because, after using it a couple of times, I can't see that it would be much good for anything else. Maybe for small unweighted plastics, or the very smallest of jigheads. I haven't used for any other application than drop-shotting.

It is excellent for that. The titanium tip is super sensitive, and super fast. It is very light. The Cielo rods were, I think, the first rods from Daiwa to utilize the SVF graphite.

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