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Flourocarbon "leader' material - why so much more expensive?

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Recently converted some of my old reels to braid from mono. But now find I need a flourocarbon "leader" (at least thats what I seem to be hearing on this forum).

I looked at some Seaguar flourocarbon leader and Seaguar flourocarbon line, and it seems I have to pay about three times the price for the "leader" material. Is it really so different? What's wrong with using the regular flourocarbon line as a leader? Why the premium price for the "leader" stuff??? Or am I just being naiive here?

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The fluorocarbon leader make-up is usually a stiffer, harder surface material.

I just use regular fluorocarbon fishing line.

A leader can be any material, nylon mono, fluorocarbon, another superline, etc.

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Leader material is denser, stiffer, and tougher than fluoro line, which has added chemistry to make it "reel friendly".  Leader started in the saltwater environment.  Why the cost difference?  Good question!  I bet it has more to do with marketing history than cost of manufacture.  Most guys use regular fluoro line for freshwater leader material.

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