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Anyone use Stren Fluorocarbon Fluorescent Blue?

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I am planning a night fishing trip using a black light and thought that it would be cool if my fluoro was flourescent so I could use it with my black light. I saw the Stren fluoro in fluorescent blue. It would be nice to have the no stretch, sensitive fluoro properties with a hi vis line...at least above the water or at night.

Anyone use this? good....bad?

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Great line, I think it's the same line as Trilene 100% with a fluorescent component.

That's something I've been wondering about lately. With the rising popularity of UV coatings and ingredients in lures, how well do you suppose bass can see fluorescent lines?

I love being able to easily track the line above the waterline, but I'm worried it may act like a light tube and be extremely visible to the bass. I have this image in my mind of a lure with a beam of light shooting from it, kinda like a lightsaber or something.  ;D

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Bought a spool recently myself but haven't had the chance to spool it up and test yet. Around my parts though, many of the best local sticks use the Clear Blue Fl. line without any apparent negative affects.

Keep in mind that in order to fluoresce, the pigments in the line must be activated by UV light rays which in many waters don't actually penetrate that far into the water column. This would be especially true at night under solely a black light which would hardly penetrate the surface waters at all. There might be some 'piping' effect, but I'm guessing it's minimal. That is why these lines advertise good above water visibility with transparent qualities below the waters surface.


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