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Review: Micro Guide Honeycomb B/C Rod

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Went to Cabelas the other day to check out the new Skeet Reese Honeycomb b/c rod. They had all 3 b/c rod models, I settled on the 7'2" (MH) football jig/big worm model. It's rated 1/4-1 oz lure wt.

First of all, I don't think the micro guides are Fuji, and I think there is an a ceramic insert of some kind inside the micro guides. This is the second time I've seen and felt a rod that has micro guides. The first was at BPS, they had the Boyd Duckett b/c cranking rods w/ micro guides. The guides are small and there are 13 total micro guides on the W & M Honeycomb rod that I bought. I will say this, the guides are tiny holes, trying to thread w/ braided line, if you have bad eyes use your magnifier to thread the line through.

The 7'2" MH feels like a true MH to me. It has enough give to cast lures, I was using 3/8 oz lures and up and noticed it does cast lures a bit farther. The casts were smooth and reeling in a lure using braid didn't sound any louder than on regular guides.

Sensitivity, it's really quite sensitive! Again, I'm using braid so ever bump on the bottom or vibration from a moving lure was transmitted excellently. I could tell if I was hitting a stick or rock when I used a jig. I think there might be something to this micro guide rods. Now one thing I'm thinking when the time comes, how well will these micro guides do when the water is below freezing and you get ice build up on the guide(s). I'll find out soon...

The black and yellow color scheme is "ok". I'm not a real big fan of the color scheme, the yellow color reminds me of a style fiberglass rod. I have an Eagle Claw 6'6" UL spinning rod in yellow, and the micro guide color is just a bit lighter in color.

I first paired up the W & M Honeycomb rod with an Abu Garcia Revo S. I went and bought the longer BPS XPS b/c handle and replaced the stock Revo S handle. I then as you can see in the pic, added Reel Grips in black/yellow to somewhat match the rod. I'll eventually get a Skeet Reese Revo b/c reel when the prices start coming down on them.

The Revo S and the W & M Honeycomb balanced out nicely. The Revo S is just shy of 9 oz and the Honeycomb 7'2" rod is a bit heavy compared to lighter rods of similar length like a Cumara or Carrot Stix. I did try and hold the 7' finesse worm/fluke rod and that is lighter than the 7'2" model. But when I put the rod and reel together, static weight felt heavier but casting/retrieving felt lighter, I can use this combo all day. I also tried my Quantum Tour Edition PT b/c reel on the Honeycomb, this reel is around an oz lighter. Both felt balanced to me.

The reel seat felt comfortable with a b/c reel on top, the reel clamps down nice and tight and did not experience any reel wobble when casting or retrieving.

I used the both reels on the Honeycomb rod and I was able to use alot of different lures and all worked fine using the rod. Wonderful casting distance, excellent sensitivity and the backbone to bring in a bass.

I used a Senko style worm and felt the bass hit the lure. I like the backbone on this rod, was able to set the hook strong. Caught another bass using a lipless crankbait, felt the vibrations reeling in from the long cast.

I don't know if I'm sold on the micro guide rods, I'm glad I bought one to try out and see for myself if they are all that. Maybe one day when the prices come down, which will be a long time; I may get a few more b/c rods w/ micro guides. If anything, the 7' model is in the future.

Only a few name brand company's offer a b/c rod w/ micro guides and those guides are not anywhere close to what's on the W & M Honeycomb. Then again, those other micro guide rods cost alot more than the W & M Honeycomb. Also another thing I like about this rod, the reel see is like the Fuji ACS seat, not the ECS. So your fingers on the bottom are comfortable.

I hope this was helpful if you have your eyes set to get a b/c rod with micro guides. For the price, it is right there in performance with rods that cost so much more with micro guides.

Sorry for the big pic, had my camera phone set to 5 mp

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