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Loomis Frog Rods

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Has anyone had any experience with these before?? I'm looking to get a frog rod to pull double duty for hollow and soft bodied for now.

Whats everyone throwing their frogs on currently?

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I am a Loomis guy but with that said I really am not to happy with there frog rods. I own all three of there frogs rods, the two new ones and the older one. The old one was a broom stick, but I think they went to far the other direction with there new ones, at least the shorter of the two IMO lacks the backbone needed for serious frog fishing. The 7'9 model is not to bad if you like frog rods that long, it does give you some leverage, but there are better options out there IMO.

Powell, Dobyns and Lamiglas, just to name a few. Loomis does make great rods, don't get me wrong, they just have not made a great Frog rod yet IMO.

BTW, if on a budget you might want to check out Lamiglas Excel. I actually prefer that frog rod over the Loomis, It also does hollow swimbaits great. The Dobyn is probally the best I have used so far, but the Lamiglas Excel is hard to beat for the price. 

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