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Beaver Lake Fishing Report-110907


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OK, here's the scoop (I'll try to make it as short as possible) ;D

FYI, my lake has depths up to 140ft and the water clarity was about 14-18ft today.

Here is the "Readers Digest" short version.  You name it, I probably tried it.  Main lake points, back of coves, channels, docks, mouth of coves, shallow water, deep water, etc.  The only place I could actually locate fish on the graph was early as the sun rose (suspended at 20ft in 50-60ft of water) and later in the day I finally learned they were in the middle of the lake on large humps, drop-offs, etc.  It's hard to get a bite from a bass in 80-90ft of water when they are about 30ft down.  Only thing I didn't try was vertical jigging with spoons.  I may try that later.  By that time I was tired and ready to go home.

Here is a map that indicates where I fished.


Here's the detailed breakdown:

Indian Creek just as the sun come up

- Water temp: 61.2

- Air Temp: low 50's

- Fog rolling across water, winds less than 4mph

- Barometric Pressure - falling at 29.9 and later steady at 30.2

- Third day of a cold front with sunny skies and rising temperatures with wind picking up as the day

 progressed up to 8mph.  BEAUTIFUL fishing weather! :)


As I got to Indian Creek about halfway back, I started at the mouth of a small cove off of the main channel.  Bass jumped on occasion so I knew they were feeding.  The mouth was around 60ft deep.  Got one good bite on a Norman Rootbear crank in 55ft over the tops of trees and the line broke as I set the hook.  It was definately a bite and not a tree.


Began to troll back into the cove to check for shallow feeding bass.  Water clarity up to 15ft and sometimes 18ft.  If you look straight down, you can see the bottom (that clear enough for you murky water guys!) ;D


Continued to try smaller spinnerbaits, smaller cranks, DD22, jigs, and suspended jerkbait, and wacky rig senko.  NO bites!


Water was so calm, I could see shad feeding on surface so I tried swiming spoons (Kastmaster...close enough).  The water was so clear and the shad were so spooky, if I cast way beyond the school, they'd panic and swim off as the spoon was cast overhead.  THAT'S CLEAR WATER!!!  Welcome to my world.....so for you guys that say, "throw a spoon in the middle of a school of shad"...tried it, didn't work.  Tried several schools, same thing, they'd see the spoon and then panic.  If I got a bait within 30ft of the school, they'd flee in a hurry.

11:00, left the cove and headed deeper into Indian Creek to explore and look for other areas.  Went into smaller cove, fished Spot Remover with finesse worm (Motor Oil.....what a great color).  Got some bites but realized it was just baby bass and bluegill nipping at the worm.  Some of those were good bites but no hookset.  They'd bite the tail end of the worm.

Flipped jigs in docks, laydowns, logs, trees, rock piles, bluffs, etc.  No fish on graph, too shallow at 20-30ft.


Fished at the mouth of the cove near deaper water and shade.  Since the water was so clear and the sun was out, I thought shade might offer shallow bass.  Only yearlings and nothing of reasonable size.


Headed out of Indian Creek and stopped for lunch on the way.  Nothing like eating your lunch on the water on a beautiful Fall day.  Especially when you could be stuck at work, instead you're outside fishing on your day off! :)

Around 1:00

Headed back to dock and loaded up boat.  Time to head to the next launch site.

Around 1:30 or 2:00, launch from new ramp and headed over to the Cliffty area.


Flipped jigs into docks, flipped shad raps into docks, finesse worm, etc, no bites


Rode around trying to locate fish in groups or pockets with sonar.


Found fish off of a point but where they were suspened about 20ft down in 80ft of water near a drop/channel

Used several cranbaits and never got a bite.  Should have tried the vertical jigging spoon or "Little George".


Fished a boat dock, groups of cedar trees, large rock piles, etc. No bites.

5:00 loaded up boat and headed home.

I just uploaded a pic of the bass rig.  She's not much, but don't let that little motor fool you.  That's a 55hp Yamaha on the back of a flat bottom boat!  She'll run around 30mph in rough water and 35mph in smooth water.  Doesn't turn on a dime but it got me all over the lake today!


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