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Quabbin; 6/17/09

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Launched around 6:10 am. Water temps are still in the mid 60's! Here it is, almost July, and no theremocline. Amazing. What this has done is simply kept the big females a lot shallower than in "normal" years. And they scattered in those shallows, making location difficult.

In any case, I decided to probe the deeper structures with my drop shot and some Senkos & tubes, to see if I could locate some of the bigger females. Only got 2 smaller bass off-shore. Since I was running solo, I didn't take many pictures, but here's what the bait looked like in one area:


And here's what the bass looked like in this area:


Probed some shallower structures, still off-shore, and here's what I found:


Plenty of bait there too, along with some fish. But they would have nothing I was offering. So, I finally decided to head on in and hit some shallow humps. (I try to stay away from the shorelines, as this approach involves a lot of casting and constant moving. My arms just cannot handle that anymore!)

Here's a sample of what I caught & released:



I ended up with 7 decent smallmouths, along with several small bucks thrown in for good measure. I much prefer it when the larger females set up housekeeping off-shore, but you take what you can get! Until Mother Nature decides to warm things up, this is the way it will be I guess! Oh, and btw, not only did I get the smallies, but got this rocky in 23' on the drop shot! Amazing:


Saw a couple of eagles, a hawk, several turkey vulcures and, as always, the loons stopped by, on occaision, to see what I was up to! Nice day out there. The only decent one predicted, weather-wise, this week. Lots more rain coming in over the next several daysl Hope it warms up soon and we break out of this nasty weather pattern!

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