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Quabbin; 7/9/09

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Couldn't sleep Wednesday night, so around 3:30 am I decided to hit the Quabbin once again. Water temps around 70 degrees with the air very cool and around 60.

Scouted out some shallow water spots (6' - 9') and only got some dinks:



Being as I mainly target the bigger smallmouths at the Quabbin, I headed out in the opposite direction. This is where I settled for awhile:


Wasted some time around here on several stops, but nothing would co-operate, so I headed to some shallower GPS locations and this is what 1/2 dozen of these spots looked like:


These were definitely small perch and the smallies loved them! Snagged a few that got free at the surface. These perch were between 4" - 6" in length. All total for the day I caught & released about 1 1/2 dozen decent smallmouths at similar locations. Here's what some of them looked like:





All in all, I made a good decision to stay up and go fishing instead of going back to bed! :D I even had two "doubles"....one when I put the drop shot rod down in the holder to fight another fish on a Senko. The drop shot rod doubled over suddenly and the bass cleared the water by 2' and spit the hook at me!

The next one I did land both bass in the same situation. Talk about a firedrill! The last picture above was neat....caught her on my 4# test UL which was a challenge; but instead of landing her, she jumped into the boat on the other side of my engine! Quite a bit of fun. ;D

You can't beat the Quabbin this time of the year. I don't believe the thermocline has set-up yet, so finding the bass is hit or miss. But they seem to congregating more so in the 25' - 30' depths, providing you can find bait on those structures. Hope everyone can get out and do some fishing this weekend. The weather is shaping up to be spectacular!  ;)

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These posts are spectacular!  Keep up the awesome work out there at the Quabbin.  I've never fished it myself but it looks like a blast.  I struggle a bit fishing deeper water.  I think I just need to pay more attention to the depth finder and learn to read it better.  Again, great job.  Look forward to more.

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