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Four Day Weekend.

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Well I didn't go out on thanksgiving, But friday I went out to the Occoquan river and was killing em on the x rap. I think I caught about 7 and a small yellow perch. Most small but two or three were keepers.

Saturday I Started at Mercer and It was FREEZING. I got there at sunrise and could barely tie the lure on my hands were so cold. I didn't have any luck there so I headed back down to the Occoquan. Caught 3 there, only one being a keeper.

Here's My best from Friday. She hit very softly then just became dead weight. The 6" perch hit harder. ;D


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yea, sounds like I just missed alot of you guys this weekend, after reading the other threads.

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Who says us Nova bassers can't reel em' in in cold water conditions eh?  Even so, looks like most of us are getting action on crankbaits and traps.  Fish are still pretty aggressive I guess.  Wonder when it's really gonna die down out there.  I'm going out one more time tommorrow morning before I go to work.  Thinking of hitting a local drainage pond by a shopping center in Woodbridge.  The water gets pretty deep in the middle so I'm figuring the bass should be hanging out in a nice large group there.  Gonna try the trap and some shad raps, possibly even the mann's depending on if it's warm enough to start warming the top of the water at all.  If anyone is free in the morning and wants to go hit up my cell or pm me today.  We can work something out.  Later folks.

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