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Chickamauga LM 11/28/07

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I was able to sneak out of the office on Wednesday and got to the water around 2:30. Thanks to a local Chattanooga fishing forum, I was able to meet a local "pro" (he fishes several local Tx trails as well as a couple of BFL divisions) just over a week ago, and have been fortunate that we have gotten along pretty well and have been out together twice before yesterday. I've learned A LOT in the few hours I've been able to spend with him, but the biggest thing that I've learned is that I have a lot to learn!

I hit the water with about an hour to spare before Steve was to arrive, so I headed to the nearest slough that had wind blowing into it, and sat the boat down on the northeastern windblown bank. Within 10 minutes I saw some fish blasting shad around a few laydowns just ahead. I eased up to the area and managed to pull out 3 little 13"-ish LM, and had another come off at the boat, all on a big jerkbait. There were a couple of keeper-sized (15" or better) LM in the mix, but Steve called for pick-up before I could nab one.

I picked Steve up (he was looking for fish for a Tx SAT), but we found only one slick at the first stop. There was very little surface activity there, so we moved to spot 2.

We saw boils as soon as we got into the small slough. They were busting shad everywhere. We spent the next 1-1/2 hours working up and back a 30-yard stretch of bank, chasing the nearest school until they went down then headed toward the next boil. Steve was dragging the bottom (we were in 4-6 FOW throwing into 1-2 FOW) and I was working with shallow lures (jerkbait and trap). I caught a slick, then he landed the 4-pounder (pics below). I got the little 2-pounder shortly thereafter. There were at least 3 other large bass slamming the water in other areas of the slough, by our estimation 4 to 5-pounders. Steve was giggling like a schoolgirl seeing these good fish all over this slough, and we decided NOT to go after them...he knew they were there, and that gave him good hopes for the Tx on SAT. As it got dark and we were stowing gear for the ride back to the ramp, we saw one that looked to be 6 pounds do a belly-flop off a point 20 yards away. Looked like a dang great white hitting a seal!

All-in-all, a good couple of hours' fishing. I ended up with 5 LM (one keeper) and 2 "almosts". Steve caught a pretty perch around 10", 2 slicks, and the big one. All of mine came on the jerkbait, and the big one was gaught on a small pig & jig.

It was sunny with air temps in the high 50's-low 60's and light southerly winds. Water temps were in the mid-50's. A beautiful afternoon!


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great fish and great karma for steve. i hope he wins this weekend.

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