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Mercer 11/30

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Well went out today and wanted to get out on the raft. With my luck, no surprise there was a leak in the fill nipple thingie majigger so that only 3/4 tubes would stay fully inflated.  we put the raft back in the car and did some shore fishing.  another rough day for me.  Maybe i'm fishing the wrong spots but nothing was hitting all day for me or my three friends.  The only fish of the day was this 1lb 14 oz'er with a black spot off a rat'l trap.


Any tips on location and lures? Maybe they know about the rat'l traps now. Haha.  

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Nice fish. I have caught fish all over that lake most of them 2lb or more, my best is 5.5lb. I have had my best luck in the last couple of weeks. I fish from a a lot of different spots on the lake and primarily throw crankbaits (Rapala & Rat-L-Traps). I also cover the entire lake when I am there, I do not limit myself to just a couple of locations, I go searching for the hogs. I can tell you that you really need to work the areas hard to get the fish to bite. The fish are holding in the deep water and you need to go after them deep. I also vary my retreival, some times slow, some times fast.

I am going back there again in the morning (bright & early) in seach of my trophy LMB, I know he is in there and I plan on catching him one day.

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