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George Welcome

Stick Marsh expectations

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Experience has shown that December in and around Christmas week has given us the cold snap needed to start moving the fish towards their spawning grounds in the south end of Farm 13. Present water temperatures are in the low 70's which has the bass still holding to summer patterns but I would expect this coming week to change all that.

The forecast for this coming week and particularly tomorrow morning is cool to cold. Monday AM should see temperatures in and around the upper 30's with a high of only the upper 50's. Certainly these are warm temperatures for most of this country, but for us Floridians this is downright frigid. We should certainly see the water temperatures drop with front.


As the chill settles in the fish move to pre-spawn areas and start feeding heavily in preparation to that magic period on the water. From the initial cool down, through the spring spawn, those of us fishing out here all the time find it relatively easy to stay on the fish.


Whether we are casting rattle traps, spinner baits, or plastics the fish that can be caught will amaze you in both quantity and size. Mike followed up a previous year's catch with this 10.5 beauty chucking a white Mini Me made by Billy Dee of SOB lures.


As is readily apparent by James's clothing, cool brings big bass for us. I don't think anyone would be unhappy pulling a lunker such as this out of the water no matter how warmly they had to dress.


Last winter we saw warmer temperatures with lots of wind. However, the Marsh's sister lake, Ansin/Garcia provides protection from the wind and an opportunity for some good sized bass.


There is nothing like getting the youngsters involved, and the thrill of watching Ryan land this 10+ lady is just what Grandpa Bill set out for on this fantastic lake.

These are but a sample of the fish that are caught here as the cooler temperatures move in. The upcoming weeks will find more satisfied anglers hauling in bass of equal caliber and lots of them. To catch fish like this does not require a tackle package that is huge. Spinner baits, rattle traps, chug bugs, buzz baits, jerk baits, and of course Senkos are all that's needed for your trip to this highly productive lake.

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Wow some very fine bass there.

How is it down there around the end of March?

My spring break is the last week of march this year and me and my dad are thinkin about headin down to the stick marsh for a little while. I know this is during the post spawn which is usually a pretty tough time so I'm just trying to decide if its gonna be worth the trip...

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That it is post-spawn is incorrect information. It is an excellent time of the year. You need to go to my site, click on lunker gallery and take a look at some of the previous March catches.

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One day I hope to go fishing with you in the Stick Marsh.

But first it is off to Disneyworld if we make it back to Florida.

I want to go to all of the SEC stadiums to see a game and Florida is one of the remaining four sites I have left on my list. So, maybe one fall I'll give you a call.

Keep those pictures coming, especially this winter.

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