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Under the Radar

12 -19-07    12-20-07 Central FL report

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Sorry folks no pics this time.

12 -19-07  St. Johns River

We put in a Mullet Lake Park about about 11 a.m..  Fished south to Lake Harney.  We missed a few flippin and my partner got 3 on a T/R worm.  I got skunked. Big fish 2 lbs.

12-20-07 Winter Park chain

on the Way to the boat ramp, I told my partner I was going to open a can of " Whup a** " on Him today, to make up for yesterday ;). We had a good laugh over that, cause He really is a more consistent fisherman.  We put in at Fort Maitland about 2 p.m. fished Maitland withS/B, Flukes, C/B and T/R worms.  My partner missed 1 and I got 2 finesse fishing a T/R chartreuse/pepper flaked worm on the edge of the grass.  Things were pretty slow, so at 4:45 p.m. we moved over to Lake Osceola.  Week before last, the fish had been schooling in the action was fast and furious.  But today we didn't see much surface action.  We located some birds circling and occasionally diving.  When we got near them we found schools of the small baitfish being worked to the surface.  I got 10 on in Arucu Shad, and 1 Spec.  My partner ended with 3 on a Rattle Trap.  Things died as quickly as they started, and things were over with by about 5:30 p.m. All in all, not a bad afternoon outing. Big fish 1.5 lbs.

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