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access south (or around) of atlanta?

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first off, first time poster long time lurker.

the railroad is sending me to mcdonough georgia for some training from jan to early march. ive been trying to research any possible spots to get some rod time in while im there but im commin up short. i really wanted to give charlie elliot a try till i saw i needed a 74$ wma stamp for non residents. although i think i saw somewhere that a 1 day license will cover it. i was hoping to buy a regular non resident license instead of getting a 1 day twice every weekend. if thats what i have to do then its what i have to do i guess.

anyway are there any other lakes around with fairly good shore access? i dont live bait fish so i'll be on the move slingin plastics, cranks and spinnerbaits. i tried checkin out google maps for ponds but its always hard to tell whats public and whats private. i saw indian creek state park rents boats, dont know how good it is there though. it would be nice to get some use out of the eleventy bazillion dollars of fishing equipment i have that normally collects dust from dec-march while everythings frozen up.

any help is appreciated. i dont expect people to give up thier super secret pond or spots, just a nudge in the right direction.

btw if anyone can tolerate a yankee for a day i'll pic up your gas and put you on some killer smallmouth action should you ever find yourself in western pennsylvania.

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Welcome to the forums.

Charlie Elliot is your best bet for sure. It's worth the money and if you know a few shortcuts it isn't a far drive from McDonough. I started fishing CE when it opened and I fish it every chance I get. There are some toads there.

Another good idea is to contact Randall at Fish Atlanta Guide Service and fish Lake Varner at least once while your here. He is a big bass expert and his rates are very inexpensive. I think he's like 175 bucks for a full day. He is worth every penny. If you don't fish Varner you will kick yourself when you get home.

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